Free Meditations

The Overthinker's Meditation


Quiet the mental chatter that is sabotaging your peace with this guided meditation. Allow the stress and frustration of overthinking to soften by slowing down the breath and mind. Get out of your head and into the present moment by shifting the need to do into the willingness to just be.

Free Yoga Videos

Welcome to Serene Radiance Yoga!


Are you new here? Watch this video first! In this brief, introductory video, I share my background, some yoga basics to help you on your yoga journey, and answer a few frequently asked yoga questions.

Mini Class: Keep Calm & Travel On


Class Focus: Keep calm while traveling on a plane, train, or bus with this mini class. (Full class available with membership) Class Intention: Stop stress while on the go. Class Level: All-levels

Yoga for the Inflexible - Part 1


Class Focus: Learn how to take the stress out of yoga by incorporating props into your practice. (Part 2 available with membership) Class Intention: A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. Class Level:  All-levels

5-Minute Stress Buster


Class Focus: Melt holiday stress away in 5 minutes with this simple, standing flow! Class Intention: Soften tension with gratitude. Class Level: All-levels

Short Sun Salutation A Flow


Class Focus: Sneak some yoga into your day with this quick, energizing practice. Class Intention: Take a break and breathe. Class Level: All-levels

Good Morning/Good Night Bed Yoga


Class Focus: Do yoga in the comfort of your own bed as you start or end your day! Class Intention: Dream big! Class Level: All-levels

Member Yoga Videos

Evening Chill


Class Focus: Add some much-needed chill to your evening after a day of adulting. Class Intention: Find calmness with affirmations. Class Level: All-levels

Warrior Flow


Class Focus: Test your fortitude as you make your way through 4 distinct warrior poses. Class Intention: I honor my inner warrior by knowing when to fight and when to rest. Class Level: All-levels

Tight Thigh Antidote


Class Focus: Free tight hamstrings and quadriceps with this stretching and toning practice. Class Intention: Soften mental inflexibility caused by inflexible thigh muscles. Class Level: All-levels

20-Min Workout: Make It Count!


Class Focus: Stretch, flex, and burn with this fast-paced practice that features 6 Sun Salutations. Class Intention: Make it count! Class Level: Intermediate

Uncovering the Uncommon


Class Focus: Challenge yourself to go beyond your routine with Sun Salutation B, Warrior III, and Chair poses. Class Intention: You are not here to be ordinary. Class Level: All-levels

Yoga for the Inflexible: Part 1


Class Focus: Learn how to take the stress out of yoga by incorporating props into your practice. Class Intention: A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. Class Level:  All-levels

Yoga for the Inflexible: Part 2


Class Focus: Learn how to modify standing poses to suit your body’s needs in this no-sitting, no-kneeling sequence. Class Intention: Progress, not perfection. Class Level: All-levels

Keep Calm & Travel On


Class Focus: Keep calm before, during, or after your travels with this 2-part yoga class. Class Intention: I am grateful for where I am, and I am excited about where I am headed. Class Level: All-levels

Temple Worship


Class Focus: Worship your temple with yoga poses that target core, spine, upper, and lower body. Class Intention: I honor my body as a sacred temple. Class Level: All-levels

The Gift of Presence


Class Focus: Mindful movement through various forward folding poses creates the mental space needed to be present. Class Intention: The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers. Class Level: All-levels

Grounded Flight


Class Focus: Get grounded in the mind and body, then prepare for flight through standing, balancing poses. Class Intention: Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path. Class Level: All-levels

Workday Reboot


Class Focus: Standing flow to counteract prolonged sitting or standing. Class Intention: Pause, breathe, heal, proceed. Class Level: All-levels

Rise and Energize


Class Focus: Gentle and energizing way to start your day. Class Intention: The world needs my light, and I am not afraid to shine. Class Level: All-levels

Rapid Reset


Class Focus: Reset and boost your energy with this standing flowwhen you are feeling physically or energetically sluggish. Class Intention: Everything will work again when you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. Class Level: All-levels

Side Body Release


Class Focus: Stretch and flex the sides of the torso and spine. Class Intention: Peace begins when the expectation ends. Class Level: All-levels

Core Power


Class Focus: Practice tapping into the strength of your core. Class Intention: You know the truth by the way it feels. Class Level: Intermediate

Tension Tamer


Class Focus: Release tension in the arms, chest, spine, and thighs with static holds and dynamic flow. Class Intention: You have enough, you do enough, you are enough. Class Level: Intermediate

Lunge Into Happiness


Class Focus: Strengthen and lengthen your hamstrings and quadriceps with lunges. Class Intention: Happiness is a choice. Class Level: Intermediate