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Mom Shares Honest Postpartum Pics: ‘Be Exactly Who You Are’ - Scary Mommy

“I want women to embrace and love themselves, focusing on all their haves and not the have nots. I want to help open up society’s view on normality and diversity. Seeing photos like this in media gives women the permission to be exactly who they are without having to compromise themselves,” Ewell explains to Scary Mommy. “Do you know how many years of self-doubt I could have avoided if I saw a tummy that looked anything like mine on tv or the Internet?”

Mom Embraces Her ‘Loose, Sagging Skin’ In Stunning Photo - Huffington Post

"She credits yoga and meditation with transforming her relationship with her body and her life more broadly. “I began to realize the value in my stretch marks and me as a person,” she said. “I no longer needed to compare myself to others for validation. I began to embrace and celebrate all the good about me, and stopped focusing on so-called ‘flaws.’ Once I let go of those self-deprecating thoughts, I literally became comfortable in my own skin, and was no longer ashamed to bare a little midriff.”

Yogi Selects: Serene Radiance Yoga -

"When you slow down your breath and tune in to yourself, you are able to hear the things inside of you that have been vying for your attention. You can then begin to address these needs and thus create a more loving atmosphere within. I kept thinking for many years that I was broken and beyond repair. But yoga has taught me that although I may be broken, I can easily fix myself by injecting self love into all those cracks to make a more fortified version of myself."

Fitting Forty: “I Do” – Incorporating Ritual and Ceremony with Waistbeads by Sabrina Ewell

“Waistbeads are more than mere adornments for midriffs. Waistbeads become a sacred ritual object when chosen as a tool for mindfulness. When we set intentions upon a strand of waistbeads, the beads become ways to love, support, and commit to ourselves. The waistbeads then serve as a tangible symbol and gentle reminder of those commitments that we made. Not only do the beads cultivate mindfulness and intention through being seen and felt by us, but when we listen closely, the beads will speak our souls’ wants.”


Listen in on Socially Awkward Gets Social interviewing Serene Radiance Yoga on how her discovery of yoga forever changed the trajectory of her life, and how her journey of self love has given her the green light to say fuck the illusion of societal norms.