What can one expect during a SRY class?

Release the emotional dead weight, and watch the mind and body transform.  

Serene Radiance Yoga strives to make yoga inclusive to all, with an emphasis on the underserved and underrepresented. There is space for everyone; no matter race, gender, socioeconomic background, religious affiliation, body type, or flexibility level. All classes are a judgement-free, safe space for students to explore and nurture themselves. Classes are created to release emotional weight, the unresolved emotions that keep people from reaching their mental and physical goals. Classes are structured for beginner (Level 1) and intermediate (Level 2) yoga students. Props and modifications are encouraged for any student who needs support, regardless of level. Typical class flow: slow breathing to calm the mind, warm-up poses to stretch the body, poses that strengthen the body and create space to connect with the mind, cool-down poses to decompress, and meditation to solidify the mind-body connection. Movements are slow and mindful, and proper form and alignment are emphasized. Students are encouraged to use their inner guidance system during class to determine what is best for them. The instructor is merely a guide who suggests postures for students to perform; it is up to the student to make the postures her/his own.

Weekly Classes



Yoga for Emotional Weight Loss

  • Days: Mondays & Wednesdays, 6:30pm (60-75 minutes)
  • Location: Haji Healing Salon, 746 E. 79th St., Chicago, IL 60619
  • Class Level: Beginner & Beyond
  • Cost: $10 (register online); $12 (drop-in)




Beginners Yoga

  • Days: Saturdays, 10:30am (60 minutes)
  • Location: Blue Door Neighborhood Center, 756 E. 111th St., Chicago, IL 60628
  • Class Level: Beginner
  • Cost: Free

Special Events

The YONI Experience Sister Circle: Peeling Back the Layers of the "Mama's Boy"


SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 2019  6-8PM

Haji Healing Salon, 746 E. 79th St., Chicago 

Peeling Back the Layers of the "Mama's Boy"

This month’s sister circle topic focuses on how the “mama’s boy” is created and perpetuated. We will examine the role that a mother plays in facilitating this co-dependent relationship between herself and her son. We will also explore how this dynamic can show up in the son’s relationships with other women. By understanding the varied root causes of ”mama’s boy syndrome”, we as women can learn how to identify and heal the behaviors that are stunting our sons’ and partners’ emotional growth.

What is The YONI Experience: Sister Circle Edition?

The YONI Experience: Sister Circle Edition is a monthly support group for women 21+. Our mission is to provide a confidential and safe space for women to heal from their emotional trauma. This support group is for women seeking support for themselves or for a loved one they care for. Each month, the sister circle will center around a topic pertinent to the lives of women. Topics include (but not limited to): changing the strong woman narrative, healing the inner child, yoni health, unconditional love for self and others, sexual assault, parenting from a place of fear, toxic relationships, embracing divine feminine energy, and many other life experiences that hinder our ability to thrive.

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The YONI Experience Workshop


  • Workshop Description: Release emotional baggage and old habits to allow your inner goddess to awaken and lead you to a more orgasmic life. 
  • Workshop Objectives: Invite healing into your womb through yoga postures, deep breathing techniques, meditation, and self-love rituals; Create a safe space to release what no longer serves you in a circle of sisterhood; Connect with your authentic self; Incorporate yoni eggs into your self-care routine; Have better orgasms and pelvic tone through muscle training
  • Date:  TBA
  • Location: TBA
  • Class Level: All Levels
  • Cost: TBA





Are you feeling stuck mentally, physically, or emotionally? It’s time to empower yourself with tools to create a more mindful life. Yoga for Emotional Weight Loss can help you drop the emotional dead weight so your mind and body can transform. And soon, you will have the freedom to move, breathe, and grow with me any time, any place.

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Prefer a more personal touch?

Private sessions are available for clients on a one-on-one, small group, and large group basis. One-on-one and small group sessions can be catered to the needs of the individuals. For those new to yoga, a private session in a one-on-one or small group setting is the perfect way to not only learn about yoga, but to get a practice crafted to your mental and physical needs. Private sessions for large group events such as birthdays, weddings, reunions, corporate events, etc. can be a great way to quickly manage stress and bring calm for all attendees. 

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Class Waiver

Save time!

Print, read, and fill out class waivers ahead of time and bring to class/workshop.

SRY Student Info & Waiver (pdf)